The Spatial Web-based Analysis of Urban Transition (SWAUT) portal provides city level spatio-temporal information and pattern of rapid urban development. This in the form of land use maps, DEM’s, built up (urban) maps, slope, hillshade, road maps etc. Information is generated with the help of open source software such as Q-GIS, Grass-GIS and other online open source codes (Eg: Project Gigalapolis). The framework uses heterogeneous data including satellite data such as Landsat, IRS-LISS-III, ASTER, Road data from Open Street Maps (OSM), City development plans from respective city administrative portals, topographic maps from Survey of India (SOI) online portal and data generated using hand held Global Position System (GPS) during field visits to various cities. The data is processed, analysed, calibrated and validated to obtain visualization of future land use scenarios. Goal of the portal is providing easy and quick access to various layers/maps under a single window. A total of 11 Indian cities have been shortlisted based on population, area, city’s contribution to national GDP, infrastructure, social, economic and financial aspects.